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Dust collector spark arrestor applications: welding, plasma and laser cutting, grinding, wood and sawdust, steel mills, foundry, secondary aluminum, automotive, bio-mass boilers, furnaces, power plants, metal processing, fabrication facilities, any and all industries which generate contaminants and sparks.

Wide Selection of Dust Collectors

CLEARANCE SALE: Slightly used 5000 CFM, 15 HP and 8000 CFM, 20 HP wet scrubbers available for immediate delivery.

Baghouse Dust Collector; Ultra-Flow, 6th Generation Baghouse Dust Collector utilizes proven advanced technology, know-how and innovation. Unmatched efficiency, lowest operating cost, these dust collectors are designed and built for each customer’s specific application and need. Ultra-Flow units are rugged, dependable and provide significant cost savings over the life of the equipment. Operating ranges are 500 to 100,000 CFM.

Wet Scrubbers; also referred to as wet dust collector, used to filter hazardous and combustible dust such as aluminum, magnesium, titanium.  They are all stainless steel construction. Models are available for 2000 to 20,000 CFM.

Downdraft Table and Benches, both dry and wet; Dry available for 2500 to 5000 CFM, table top surfaces of 42 x 50, 42 x 76 inches. Wet available up to 20,000 CFM, dual table top surface of 36 x 72 inches or 36 sq.ft.

Portable Dust Collector and Fume Extractor; suitable for fume and dust extraction. Models are available with articulated source capture arms, downdraft bench, and side-draft bench. Carbon odor, HEPA, hydro-oeliophobic filter options.

Fume Extractor Arms; for effective point source capture of fumes and dust.

Selecting and the application of a dust collector is a science, not a quick “off the shelf” one size fits all proposition.

Advanced Technology – Baghouse Dust Collectors

Baghouse dust collector
QUENCHER spark arrestor

QUENCHER Spark Arrestor

QUENCHER; In-line device (cut it into the ducting), requires no power or extra dropout or discharge conduit. This is the original spark arrestor developed in 2003 from long established principals dating back to the 1960s. Unequivocally the global leader in spark arresting technology, with proven designs capable of extinguishing sparks in airflow ranges from 500 to 157,000 CFM, 6″ to 80+” duct diameters as standard. Custom designed and built units can meet any airflow and/or duct size required. Every 60 seconds around the world, Quenchers are safely handling billions of cubic feet of air and extinguishing hundreds of millions of sparks or embers in dust collection systems as well as some quite exotic applications.

Mini-Quencher; It is an extension of our acclaimed QUENCHER spark arrestor line, designed for use with 2″ and 4″ vacuum systems, and 100 to 500 CFM. Light-weight with slip connections to easily install in the vacuum piping.

QUENCHER Spark Arrestor Features

Booster – Duct Cleaner

The QAM’s Booster – Duct Cleaner; is a proven low cost innovation which boosts low air flow conditions and cleans dust drop-out in existing duct work. The unit can propel dust 25-50 feet, and for longer runs, can be installed in series, thus reducing the risk of fire and explosive conditions in duct work. Reduces the hazards of structural damage to the duct work, from the extra weight. Acts similar to but simpler to install and operate as a booster fan.

Booster Duct Cleaner – A low cost simple solution

Booster - Duct Cleaner
Retrofited and Redesigned Baghouse

Exclusive Retrofit and Consulting Service 

Retrofit and Rebuild Existing Dust Collectors; 90% of all existing dust collectors are retrofit candidates. Unique to QAM, not just a filter change. We convert the dust collector from old conventional technology to new advanced technology. Optimize efficiency, lower power consumption, a faction of the old operating cost. One to one and half year payback on the investment. Baghouse Retrofits and Cartridge Collector Retrofits.

Consulting Service; Engineered solutions for dust collection applications, troubleshooting new and existing systems. Our professional design team is highly qualified to assist you the design of dust control systems.

Retrofitting a Baghouse Dust Collector

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