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Dust collectors, built in China or India, have been coming increasingly on the market in recent years. Some manufacturers, who claim and/or imply to be USA or Canadian built, are actually branding Chinese built dust collectors. At Quality Air Management, we were approached to enter into such a branding arrangement with a Chinese firm. We turned it down flat.

Modern Dust Collectors from North America are a Far Better Choice

You can purchase NEW Advanced Technology, such as the Ultra-Flow, on the North American market that run with a fraction of the maintenance, operating cost and power consumption of conventional dust collectors. China is producing a copy of OLD conventional technology dust collectors. That technology was obsoleted over 30 years ago in North America, when the NEW Technology became available.
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No doubt, that due to cheap labor, a Chinese built dust collector will have an attractive price. However, price isn’t everything! There are other costs that need to be considered. The much higher  operating cost and downtime to service these collectors must be part of the equation and end up making ownership quite expensive compared to Advanced Technology dust collectors. Replacement parts are available locally for North American built collectors. How long will you have to wait for parts from China. Who will service these dust collectors? Who do you turn to for warranty problems, and there will be plenty of them? The North American company will fight it out with the Chinese fabricator, and you will be left holding the bag. Should you buy directly from China, your goose is completely cooked.

The news is full of reports on cheap, poor quality products and the total disregard for quality control, poor labor standards, and environmental issues coming from China. Do you want to take the risk? Then again, when will you receive the dust collector? Delivery is an issue also.

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